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Meet Kimberly Hand


For as long as Kimberly can remember, she has been 'practicing' Feng Shui.  Kimberly can recall staying up late as a child and rearranging all the furniture (that she could move!) in her room until it felt just right.  Constantly going through her closets, drawers and shelves clearing clutter, she would then marvel at a perfectly purged room, feeling it in her bones when the items that no longer served her had been released and the room was intuitively balanced.

Reflecting on her past, Kimberly realized that she has always been sensitive to the energy that our belongings hold, good or bad.  Balancing her space has had a therapeutic affect, which has led her on a journey of enhancing her own well-being and the well-being of others through the health of the home. Through Feng Shui, Kimberly has created a more connected, uplifting and supportive space for not only her and her family, but for the beautiful souls she is so grateful to work with.   

Kimberly is a Master Certified Feng Shui Consultant from the International School of Feng Shui. She holds a degree in Communications, a Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from Cornell University and has a rich background in Real Estate.

With a strong foundation in Classical Feng Shui and an intentional approach to de-cluttering and lifestyle, Kimberly is passionate about supporting her clients in realizing their home’s highest potential.  When the home is healthy and in order, all the life pieces seem to fall into place.    

Kimberly is a wife and mother to her two favorite guys named David, 
a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and a serial home remodeler.  She currently spends time in the mountains of Park City, Utah and her hometown of Jupiter, Florida.

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