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Whether you need a home staged for selling or you're ready to take a deep dive into your own wellness lifestyle, the services below outline the typical ways that we work with clients both in person and virtually. If you have any questions or want to customize a package, please contact us!

Real Estate Staging

Studies show that staged homes sell faster and at a higher price than homes that are not staged.  Kimberly provides staging services exclusively to homeowners who sell their home with her.


Feng Shui

Kimberly uses principles from the ancient art of Feng Shui to balance spaces for modern families, creating harmonious and supportive environments for all to thrive.  She works with individuals, families, business owners, small spaces and offers virtual appointments to clients around the world.

Home Styling

Home styling sessions are a great way to implement accessories and art to your home.  Kimberly will work with the client using Feng Shui principles to create positive energy flow using a variety of different colors, textures, objects and visual representations within the home.   


Wellness Lifestyle Curation

Kimberly has been on her own wellness journey over the last 7 years.  In this time, she has curated a series of practices that she uses daily to function at the best of her ability.  She has a passion for implementing these wellness practices in her home and loves to show others how to do the same.  She believes our home should be a reflection of the wellness we want to experience in our lives.

Have Questions? Let's Chat!

Unsure of which package would work best for you? Schedule a call!

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